The aim of TV-AssistDem is twofold: to build a TV-based home care solution for supporting Mild Cognitive Impairment patients and their carers; to carry on a clinical trial for validating both the effectiveness of the solution on the Quality of Life of patients and their carers and the ability of the system to increase treatment’s adherence.

The project is based on three key assumptions:

  • Accessibility: the system can be adapted such that patients with MCI can use it confidently and comfortably. The key to this adaptation is user-centred design, where the patients, their carers and healthcare professionals drive the looks and functionality of the MCI-compatible application.
  • Efficacy: the system will improve the quality of life of both patients and their carers. Patients will benefit from improved adherence to their treatment, which will slow down their physical or mental deterioration. Carers will benefit from the system’s support in coping with the caregiving burden.
  • Cost effectiveness: the system will reduce the costs to the healthcare system associated with care for MCI patients. The main cost saving will be based on reduced complications in mental or physical health (both for patients and carers), which reduce the need for hospitalization, emergency doctors’ appointments or short-term formal care (to cover for exhausted informal carers).