Aim of TV-AssistDem is to develop a Digital TV-based platform to facilitate remote support to patients affected by Mild Cognitive Impairment by means of a set of TV-based services.

The TV-AssistDem platform will be developed around the following applications:

  • Interactive Video Conference: a video communication system between patients and  health professionals to foster their communication
  • Therapeutic Adherence Reminders: reminders and alerts to help patients to adhere to their treatment and their medical appointments
  • Remote Telecare: emote transmission of vital signs data (e.g. blood pressure) and stimulation of cognitive functions (e.g. cognitive exercise)
  • Promoting Healthy Lifestyle: video promoting healthy lifestyle and Best practice and healthy tips video Furthermore, the project will promote an healthy style of living of people living with dementia at home through counselling, exercise training through videos and online practices sessions.

The general goal is to slow the patients’ cognitive and functional decline, avoid carers getting exhausted and reducing costs of emergency care.