Within the project, the objective goes beyond the realization of the necessary technological effort and extends to the delivery of a longitudinal experimentation on an European scale aimed at the following a twofold goal:
  • on the one hand, the verification of the efficacy of the whole idea for the patient who still lives in her/his own home, to the aim of slowing down the health deterioration caused by the disease,
  • and on the other hand, fostering the patients’ social interaction and perceived quality of life while reducing the caregivers’ burden, thus improving the latter’s psychological wellness.

The clinical trial will be carried out in Spain and Romania, by involving 240 dyads (patient and caregiver) and split between the intervention group and the control group.

It will last for 18 months and the following aspects will be assessed:

  • patient’s quality of life
  • patient’s functional status for independent living
  • caregiver’s quality of life and burden
  • patient’s compliance to the therapeutic treatments
  • aspects strictly connected to the usage of the platform such as usability and acceptability